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Veridical Systems, Inc.

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Veridical Systems, Inc. (VSI) is a U.S. company incorporated in Maryland in 2002.

VSI has worked with a wide range of information technology issues, typically providing a comprehensive range of services to a select group of long term clients in the U.S. and foreign commercial sector, the U.S. federal government, and the U.S. Department of Defense. Areas of specialization include:
  • Problem solving for DoD related information assurance issues: IAVAs, STIG compliance, risk assessments, joint and service specific software product deployment approvals.

  • Design, implementation, and maintenance of custom system software that addresses specific customer requirements in the DoD NIRPNET environment. Such software includes versions of Apache httpd, OpenSSH, and OpenSSL customized to satisfy technical and policy requirements of the DoD environment, and specialized systems programming to address otherwise uncorrectable security vulnerabilities. Platforms include several flavors of Linux, HP-UX, and Microsoft Windows.

  • Review and assessment of compliance with federal and military software development standards.

  • Project management support for commercial and government software development projects, including:

    • Review of project technical designs and contractor software implementations.
    • Cost-benefit analysis of contractor provided technical services.
    • Review of hardware and software requirements and purchases.
    • Preparation, specification, and interpretation of functional Requirements Specifications for system components.
    • Acting as a liaison and referee between different contractors supplying closely interrelated software components.

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