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Monthly Archives: April 2009

The Fickleness of FIPS

  (Updated 2015-12-11)   All of my clients seeking FIPS 140-2 validations are concerned about schedule. The elapsed time to the final validation award is usually more important than cost. The biggest element of that timeline is the long hiatus between the test report submission by the test lab to the CMVP, and the time […]

We Have Met the Enemy..

One of my long term clients is a DoD software development program. In recent years DoD has been taking computer security, aka “information assurance” fairly seriously. Software updates, system configurations, and vulnerability scanning are mandated with ever increasing specificity and urgency. All well and good, and the general trend has definitely been for the better […]

Metal Illness

Yes, I contracted a severe case of “metal ilness” a few years ago. It might be contagious, my brother has been afflicted for many years and I have two uncles who spent their entire careers as master machinists and tool and die makers. I started with a small Chinese lathe but quickly discovered the overwhelming […]

The Sunroom Replacement

After building a two story detached building several years ago almost entirely by myself you’d think Id know better, but in the spring of 2008 I started another major home improvement project.  Pictures without commentary (yet) are at the gallery.

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