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Various personal interests

Photovoltaic System

In the fall of 2012 we completed a major photovoltaic system installation.  In addition to giving us tree-hugging bragging rights and potentially being a reasonable financial investement this system also provides backup power to keep the business computing infrastructure running through the frequent power outages in this area. As of May 2013 (six months of […]

Metal Illness

Yes, I contracted a severe case of “metal ilness” a few years ago. It might be contagious, my brother has been afflicted for many years and I have two uncles who spent their entire careers as master machinists and tool and die makers. I started with a small Chinese lathe but quickly discovered the overwhelming […]

The Sunroom Replacement

After building a two story detached building several years ago almost entirely by myself you’d think Id know better, but in the spring of 2008 I started another major home improvement project.  Pictures without commentary (yet) are at the gallery.

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