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DoD PKI and the Beat of a Different Drummer, Part 2

After several years of dealing with huge unwieldy CRL files DoD finally stands up a OCSP server, and after months pass it is more or less usable for awhile. Then I noticed the OCSP responses were being signed by an expired certificate (for unknown reasons DoD decided to use self-signed responder certificates). Here’s a typical query using a revoked certificate:

$ openssl ocsp -issuer ca.DOD_CA-13.pem -cert -url -resp_text -VAfile ca.dod_ocsp_ss.pem
OCSP Response Data:
OCSP Response Status: successful (0×0)
Response Type: Basic OCSP Response

Response verify OK revoked
This Update: May 3 23:00:00 2009 GMT
Next Update: May 10 07:00:00 2009 GMT
Revocation Time: Feb 21 13:53:33 2008 GMT
Note the CA certificate used for verification, ca.dod_ocsp_ss.pem. It expired nearly a year ago:
$ openssl x509 -noout -enddate -in ca.dod_ocsp_ss.pem
notAfter=Jun 22 19:26:25 2008 GMT
$ date
Mon May 4 08:45:07 EDT 2009

Unfortunately Apache mod_ssl doesn’t care for expired responder certs, so I wrote a patch to add a SSLOCSPResponderNoCertVerify configuration option to suppress the responder certificate validity check.

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